2017 Economic Impact Report

Airbnb in Corsica: an economic boost of more than 185 million euros

Bastia ©Jon Ingall/Shutterstock
Bastia ©Jon Ingall/Shutterstock

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Between June 2016 and June 2017, guests on Airbnb in Corsica welcomed 156,000 guest arrivals, compared with 900 in 2012. The region has more than 10,800 listings on Airbnb. From Calvi to Bonifacio, Corte, Ajaccio, Ile Rousse, Figari, Bastia, Propriano or Saint Florent, it is now possible to book a listing on Airbnb in 260 towns in Corsica. A typical host on Airbnb in Corsica earns an extra income by nearly €3,300 per year.

Home sharing supports the dispersion of tourism and the distribution of its economic benefits within Corsica. Over the same period, it is estimated that Airbnb’s economic activity in Corsica is approximately €185 million (revenue from hosts and local guest expenditure).

Here are some data:

  • 156,000 guest arrivals
  • 10,800 listings
  • 27 nights hosted per year for a typical host  
  • €3,300 extra income for a typical host
  • 49 years old is the average age of a host in Corsica
  • 61% of hosts are women
  • 90% of guests visited Corsica on holiday
  • €185 million of economic impact


Airbnb hosts attract new guests to the region, provide unique experiences and spread benefits beyond tourist hotspots to more families, communities and local businesses. We are pleased to see the positive impacts generated by the Airbnb community in Corsica. We want to be good partners to everyone in the region and work together to help innovative forms of tourism grow responsibly and sustainably.

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