2016 Economic Impact Report

Airbnb boosted French economy with €6,5 billion in 2016

Today, we are releasing a study conducted in collaboration with consulting firm Asterès, which highlights the positive economic impact of the Airbnb community in France in 2016.

The study shows that the Airbnb community generated an estimated economic impact of more than 6.5 billion euros in France over the course of 2016. This includes guest spending (transport, leisure activities, eating out in restaurants…) and the income of Airbnb hosts.

  • Since 2008, 17 million guests have used Airbnb to travel in France, including 8 million guest arrivals in 2016.
  • The Airbnb community offers 400,000 listings, spread over more than 19,000 cities and villages in France.
  • This activity has sustained more than 30,000 jobs across all regions in metropolitan France. 

Economic empowerment for local residents

French hosts share their home and use this income to pay bills and increase their purchasing power.

  • The typical host on Airbnb is 44 years old.
  • A typical host earns a supplementary income of 2,100 euros per year by sharing their home.
  • The “senior hosts” category (60-years-old or more) is the fastest growing host demography on Airbnb. They now represent 16 percent of hosts in France. 
The Airbnb community in France

Airbnb spreads tourism benefits

Airbnb has both a positive impact on the local economy in urban centers, but also in rural communities.

  • Tourism dispersion – 80 percent of listings on Airbnb are located outside of Paris.
  • Impact in the regions – The Airbnb community allows regions to benefit from tourism euros, such as the Occitanie region which benefited from 400 million euros of economic impact.

The Airbnb community promotes regions

Airbnb strengthens the appeal of French regions and provides travelers from around the world with the opportunity to discover the diversity of France.

  • Maisons de France by Airbnb – Last July, Airbnb launched a national competition to promote the diversity of French regions throughout the country. The winners of the Maison de France project are now ambassadors of their regions.
  • Mountains – In January 2017, the Airbnb community offer 25,000 listings in the French mountains. These territories hosted more than 400,000 travelers in 2016.
The Airbnb community in Marseille hosted 57,000 football fans during the Euro 2016

Airbnb: a good partner for big events

During national events, hosts on Airbnb absorb the supplementary demand for accommodation. It is a good way for cities to benefit from tourism, without the need for additional building projects.

  • Euro 2016 – The Airbnb community hosted more than 340,000 supporters in France and 57,000 football fans were able to stay in the heart of the action in Marseille.
  • Festival of Lights – In December 2016, 11,000 travelers using Airbnb stayed in Lyon for the national Festival of Lights.

Innovations for local tourism

Airbnb has launched a new product that enables regular people to offer  unique experiences in their cities.

  • Experiences – More and more hosts are offering Experiences on Airbnb every day. Some of them are just sharing a passion, others are experts or even professional guides. Airbnb Experiences enables guests to discover authentic and local specialties when traveling, while giving a chance for locals to offer a different view of their home city and to share what they are most passionate about.

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